Managing Director's Message

The renowned cashew industry in Kerala's Kollam district is on its path to survival. In the midst of expanding production through modern mechanization methods in countries like Vietnam, the quality of CAPEX cashew nuts roasted in the traditional style has achieved incredible results in both the global and domestic markets. Low production of raw cashew nuts in India and increase in price due to import duty on African cashew nuts and the low price of the cashew products have put the cashew sector in a serious crisis. However, because of the involvement of the Cashew Board, the CAPEX is setting a good example by assuring raw cashew procurement and offering maximum working days for our employees. CAPEX is giving all legal benefits and incentives to around 4500 workers without hindrance and ensuring their job security by creating a better environment with modern manufacturing methods. CAPEX has grown step by step along the route of development with the goal of earning the most foreign exchange from the global market by offering high-quality cashew nuts and value-added products.