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  Quotation invited for Sale of ford FIESTA car at capex head office  

w. Ims¸Ivkv/shln¡nÄ/2017                               16þ11þ2017




              sImÃs¯ {]apJ s]mXptaJemØm]amb Ims¸Ivknsâ FORD FIESTA Car, 2012 Model hn¡p¶Xnv ap{Zh¨ Izt«jpIÄ £Wn¨v sImÅp¶p. hn¡phmpÅ hmlw 20-11-2017 apXepÅ {]hr¯n Znhk§fn ap­bv¡epÅ sltVm^okn ]I 10 apX 5 hscbpÅ kab¯v ]cntim[n¨v  t_m²ys¸Smhp¶XmWv. Izt«j³/tee¯n ]s¦Sp¡p¶hÀ 10,000/þ cq] cX{Zhyw ASbvt¡­XmWv. hniZhnhc§Ä¡v Ims¸Ivkv sltVm^okpambn  _Ôs¸Smhp¶XmWv.

Izt«j³ kzoIcn¡p¶ Ahkm

XobXnbpw kabhpw                             : 28-11-2017, 11 AM


   Izt«j³ Xpd¡p¶ XobXnbpw kabhpw : 28-11-2017,  12 PM


 Izt«j³ kzoIcn¡p¶Xnpw, ckn¡p¶Xnpw, teewDd¸nbv¡p¶----XnpapÅ A[nImcw amtPnwKv UbdÎdn £n]vXambncn¡pw.



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  list of candidates called for interview (Assistant manager (commerce)  

  Corrigendum to etender for local purchase of imported GB origin RCN  


Corrigendum No 1 dated 04.11.2017

Corrigendum to Capex e-tender - for import of Guinea Bissau origin RCN

Tender closing date and tender opening date extended:-

Reason: - Capex Board Meeting has been postponed to 15.11.17 from 07.11.17 due to inconvenience to Directors as they required attending political meeting at Delhi. 

E-Tender Id:   2017_CAPEX_161997_1

1)      Critical Dates extended :-

Bid submission end date and time – extended to 4 PM on 10.11.2017

Bid opening date and time extended to 10.30 am on 14.11.2017


For Capex

Managing Director


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