Latest News : Inviting e-tender for purchase of local kerala raw cashew nuts     Sealed Competitive tenders are invited for the sale of Cashew Kernels       
  Tender Specifications/Conditions  



Tender Specifications



  1. The bidder has to file his tender latest by the time and date announced in the e-tender notice. 
  2. EMD of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two lakhs) only through E-Payment while submitting the tender online. If the bidder is SBT A/c holder, they can pay there it, if the bidder is non-SBT A/c holder, they can pay through NEFT/RTGS using the form generated from the system. Bids with EMD status “Success” only will be treated as valid tenders.
  3. The bidder has to submit a stock certificate or contract or Bill of lading or other document if any to prove that the bidder holding stock in high seas or for direct import.
  4. The bidder has to submit a credibility certificate recently issued by a reputed bank.
  5. The bidder has to quote his tender in the application form available in the web site and the following details should be mentioned in the tender.
  6. Mention the origin of raw nuts.
  7. Quantity to be mentioned in MT. 
  8. Outturn guarantee in lbs per 80 Kgs bag should be specified.
  9. Number of raw nuts (count) per kilogram should be specified.
  10. Whether direct import or Highseas import – need to be mentioned.
  11. Shipment / delivery time need to be mentioned.
  12. The bidder should choose his item from the choices available in the BOQ and his specifications indicated in technical bid should match with his BOQ.
  13. Price should be quoted at CIF rate per MT in Financial bid (BOQ) only.
  14. The successful tenderer has to remit Rs.5,00,000/- as security deposit.
  15. The tenderer has to indicate his VAT registration number and IE Code number in the tender

document.  If he is an agent, he should submit authorization letter from his principal.


Other General Conditions

  1. Capex has invited the tender on landed weight and quality terms. 
  2. 85 % of import bill will be paid against documents and balance 15 % will be paid after assessing the quality and quantity of cargo. 
  3. The cargo is to be inspected at discharge port by the nominated agency of Capex (RBS) to certify weight.  Quality assessment will be done by the same nominated agency in the presence of representatives of capex and seller.
  4. The bidder has to follow the norms like; Foreign matter – Nil, Rejection allowed maximum 10 %, (Moisture – Maximum 10%, fertile nuts – maximum 10% including rotten, void, diseased, spotted, partly damaged and immature).
  5. The surveyor will certify the quality of nuts.  If the outturn is found to be less than the contracted outturn, the quality claims to be finalized on 1:1 pro-rata basis.  If the count is found higher, the claim will be finalized on pro-rata basis.  If the defect nuts exceed 10 %, claim will be processed as 1:1.5 basis.  For determining the defective nuts, rotten, void and diseased nuts should be taken as 100% defective, 75 % of the spotted, partly damaged and immature nuts should be taken as defective.  For determining outturn, 25% of the partly damaged, spotted and immature kernels will be taken as good and will be added to the weight of good quality kernels.  The rotten, void and diseased nuts will not be taken in to account for calculating the outturn.
  6. The tender submitted by the tenderer shall remain valid for 10 days after the date of opening the tender.
  7. The Capex Board reserves the right to accept or reject any tender.
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