Latest News : Inviting e-tender for purchase of local kerala raw cashew nuts     Sealed Competitive tenders are invited for the sale of Cashew Kernels       
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        No.Capex/E-Tender/Com/Local/17-18/03                                                    18 / 05 / 17

        Tender Id: 2017_CAPEX_125773_1

Notice Inviting short E-Tender

Competitive short E-Tenders are invited for the purchase of about 300 to 1500 MT of good quality undried 2017 crop of various Indian origins including Kerala viz., Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Orissa and Maharashtra & Kerala origins Raw Cashew Nuts to be supplied as factory delivery not later than 15th June, 2017.  Guaranteed outturn per bag of 80 Kg should be 50, 51 for Kerala and 51, 52 for other Indian origins, count less than 190 (undried) per Kg for all.  If necessary, parity price will be analysed and arrived manually and L1 will be determined based on outturn and count.  E-Tenders will be accepted online till 6 PM on 24/05/17 and will be opened on 27/05/17 at 9.30 AM. E.M.D Rs. 1,00,000/- (One lakhs only) has to be remitted by the tenderer only through E-Payment while submitting the bid online.  Tender conditions and tender form and specimen contract are available online. The bidder should download the tender forms and use to submit the tender.  The tenderer has to follow the directions in the e-tender site, upload all the required documents in pdf format and file the tender as two cover system.  Financial bid has to be quoted in the “BOQ” (Excel file) available in the site.  This BOQ has three sheets, (1) BOQ 1 has 24 rows for quoting prices of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana origins, (2) BOQ 2 has 12 rows for quoting prices of Orissa and Maharashtra origins, (3) BOQ 3 has 6 rows for quoting prices of Kerala origin.  The origin should be mentioned in the tender form of technical bid, the outturn and count shown in technical bid and BOQ should match.  The bidder has to quote price per kg excluding tax for factory delivery of goods. The successful tenderer has to deposit a security deposit of Rs.3,00,000/- (Three lakhs) immediately.  The Capex Board reserves the right to decide the quantity and quality of raw nuts based on market conditions. Further details can be had from CAPEX H.O, our website and e-tender website  Technical assistance to bidders for filing e-tender will be provided through NIC help desk.


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