E-tender Id -2021_CAPEX_ 452647_1   Closing date: 16-11-2021  Opening date: 18-11-2021

Capex has invited a short e-tender for Sale of Export Grade Cashew Kernels.

Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd (CAPEX)

Industrial Development Plot, H & C Compound, Mundakkal, Kollam 691001

(A Government of Kerala Undertaking)

Capex/Com/ET/KS/21-22/011                                                                                  10.11.2021


Notice inviting Short e-tender for Sale of Export Grade Cashew Kernels  

Capex has invited a Short e-tender (Single Tender for all grades) for the sale of export grade cashew kernels.  The details are as given below:-































5 pm


10.30 am



Amendment / corrigendum if any to the above tender shall be published in the etender website and Capex website only.  Prospective bidders are requested to check our website regularly for any such information.  The bidders can avail help from etender help desk at 0471-2577088, 2577188, 2577388, and helpetender@gmail.com.

Competitive e-Tenders are invited for sale of export grade cashew kernels derived from processing of IVC origin RCN. The stock may vary subject processing schedule due to Covid 19 restrictions and estimation of production. Bidders are requested to quote the rate per 1 Tin (11.34 kg) for loose delivery of goods excluding GST in the BOQ.  Packing cost will be added to the quoted rate if the buyer wants the goods packed.  Highest bidder will be considered and negotiation will be with the H1 bidder only.  Probable delivery of goods will be immediate after tender opening date if Capex approves the rates. Bids can be submitted online as per the timings published in the tender and all bidders are requested to submit tenders well in advance to avoid last minute rush.  The bidder has to remit 1% of the value (1 % of (qty x rate quoted by bidder)) as EMD for one item. 

Procedure for filing e-tender, calculation of EMD and its details.

  1. The bidder has to download the tender documents first viz., BOQ, Tender Notice and Form of self declaration, before submitting the tender.
  2. The bidder should fill up the BOQ with bidder name and rate against each item of his choice.  The EMD column will show the EMD of each item after the bidder enter the rate.  Total of each row of EMD column is the EMD amount to be remitted by the bidder. The bidder has to keep ready the BOQ first before submitting the bid to know the exact amount of EMD.
  3. Capex has fixed a fixed amount Rs.4,15,000/- as EMD for all items, which will be the maximum amount of EMD.  If the bidder wishes to quote for all the items either he can remit full EMD or the total EMD amount arrived at the bottom of EMD column.  If the bidder wishes to quote for partial items, then the bidder has to remit the EMD as arrived in the EMD total column.
  4. The bidder has to click “YES” for claiming exemption of EMD and write the exemption claimed amount (that is published EMD ( – ) total of EMD arrived in the BOQ = exempted amount).  The bidder has to upload a declaration showing amount of EMD for claiming the exemption.  Then the actual EMD will be displayed and the bidder can proceed with e-payment.   


The EMD has to be remitted by the tenderer by E-Payment only while submitting tender online. The tenderer has to follow the directions in the E-tender site, upload all the required documents in Pdf format and file the tender as single cover system. Financial bid has to be quoted in the ‘BOQ’ (Excel file) available in the site.Further details can be had from Capex H.O, our website and E-tender website etenders.kerala.gov.in.

The successful bidder has to remit 5 % of the value as security deposit or remit sale value immediately.The grade and quantity details are published in tender notice of the tender.




Terms and Conditions

  1. The bidders should have necessary portal enrollment(With their own digital signature certificate)
  2. Tenders can be submitted online at “etenders.kerala.gov.in”, by searching with our tender ID.
  3. Payment of EMD through internet banking while submitting the tender online. SBI, multi option payment system (MOPS) has been integrated in to E-procurement portal and NEFT/RTGS modes have been disabled. Bidder may remit Tender Fee/EMD via MOPS only. Bids with successful EMD only will be treated as valid tenders. Non-SBI A/c holders are requested to effect payment 72 hours before closing of tender as advised by NIC for ensuring successful completion of tenders.
  4. The offers shall be submitted in one cover system.  The bidder should submit GST certificate in Pdf format, self declaration for claiming EMD exemption and BOQ (finance bid) in single cover.  The bidder should quote rate per Tin (loose) excluding GST in the BOQ. 
  5. Taxes and duties applicable should be indicated separately if columns provided there.
  6. Incomplete tenders are liable to be rejected, without assigning any reason thereof.
  7. EMD and Security deposit will be forfeited, if the successful bidder did not lift the confirmed quantity on time.
  8. Bidders are requested to take delivery of goods within 7 days after confirmation of sales by Capex.  The successful bidder should remit value of confirmed sales to Capex before lifting the goods.
  9. Delivery schedule will be as per available stock at Capex Packing centre.
  10. No quality aspects will be entertained after the bid opening date.
  11. Goods once sold will not be taken back at any cost.
  12. TCS will be collected from buyers as per the provisions of Income Tax Rules if sales to them are above 50 lakhs. New TDS & TCS rules will be applicable from 01.07.21
  13. Managing Director reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.
  14. The bidders can avail help from etender help desk at 0471-2577088, 2577188, 2577388, and helpetender@gmail.com.


Managing Director