E-tender Id -2020_CAPEX_370558_1   Closing date: 14-07-2020  Opening date: 16-07-2020

Competitive E-Tenders are invited for the purchase of 25lbs (11-34 Kg) capacity empty tins

No/Capex/G2/Empty tins/2020-21/01                                           06-07-2020


Short Notice Inviting E-Tender


Competitive E-Tenders are invited for the purchase of 25lbs (11-34 Kg) capacity empty tins with E-Tender ID:-2020_CAPEX_370558_1 as per the following terms and conditions.


Specification of Empty tins

  1. Material                                 – Electrolytic tin plate (Export quality)
  2. Thickness of tin plates          – not less than 0.22 mm
  3. Empty tin capacity                - 25 lbs(11.34 kg) with suitable lid
  4. Height                                    - 350 mm
  5. Weight                                   -not less than 800 gm/tin
  6. Tin sheet temper                    – 58
  7. Tin sheet coating                   – 2.85 gm/m2
  8. All joints should be completely soldered/welded to avoid any type of leakage. No other methods are acceptable.
  9. Size of bottom and top          - 235x235 mm with hole of size 50 mm in top plate
  11. Engraving in 2 side sheet – Cashew kernels product of India net weight 251bs

                                                                                                                           (11.34 kg)   

Note: Thickness, weight and water test of the tins will be checked for each consignment. If any of the supplied tins is not as per our requirements, the entire quantities will be rejected.


E-tender will be accepted online till 6 PM on 14-07-2020 and the same will be opened at 11 am on 16-07-2020. EMD Rs.25,000/- (Twenty Five Thousand only) has to be remitted by the tenderer by E-Payment only while submitting tender online. The tenderer has to follow the directions in the E-Tender site, upload all the required documents in pdf format and file the tender as two cover system. Financial bid has to be quoted in the “BOQ” (Excel file) available in the site. The successful tenderer has to deposit a security deposit of Rs.25,000/- .Further details can be had from Capex H.O, our website and E-Tender website etenders.kerala.gov.in

Terms and Conditions

No/Capex/E-Tender/emptytins/2020-21                                                           06-07-2020


  1. The bidders should have necessary portal enrollment(With their own digital signature certificate)
  2. Tenders can be submitted online at “etenders.kerala.gov.in”, by searching with our tender ID.
  3. Payment of EMD Rs.25000/-(Twenty Five thousand rupees only) through internet banking while submitting the tender online. SBI, multi option payment system (MOPS) has been integrated in to E-procurement portal and NEFT/RTGS modes have been disabled. Bidder may remit tender fee/EMD via MOPS only. Bids with successful EMD only will be treated as valid tenders.
  4. The offers shall be submitted in two cover system ie., Technical Bid and Price bid. Technical bid documents to be submitted in pdf format and financial bid in excel available in the site (BOQ).  The bidder should enter all applicable columns in the excel viz., basic price, GST. 
  5. First cover is the Technical bid and shall contain Profile of bidder, GST Certificate and Guaranteed Technical Particulars. The second cover is price bid, the bidder should quote his price only in the BOQ. Bidder should not quote price in first cover.
  6. The rates should remain firm for supplies for a period of one year from the date of award of contact. Rate should be quoted as per the given format in E-tender portal(BOQ)
  7. GST applicable should be indicated separately if asked.
  8. Incomplete tenders are liable to be rejected, without assigning any reason thereof
  9. Payment terms: within 15 days after receipt of materials at our store.
  10. Security deposit will be forfeited, if the bidder withdraws the tender before the validity period.
  11. Samples shall be got approved before bulk supply.
  12. Annual requirement is approximate 70000 nos and it may vary depends on our requirements.
  13.  Managing Director reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.
  14. Successful bidder should execute an agreement in stamp paper worth Rs.200/-within 7 days on confirmation of the quotation.


Managing Director



(to be filled by the bidder and submitted along with the bid)





Guaranteed Value





Thickness of side plate and top, bottom









Sheet Temper



Sheet Coating



Net capacity



Type of Joints





Signature of the bidder