Chairman's Message

The Kerala government bought and handed over 10 cashew processing plants under the Acquisition Act in 1984, which had been closed for many years, to give momentum to the cooperative movement CAPEX, which was founded to convert workers in the unorganised sector into the organised sector. The government has thus been able to fulfil its important duty of protecting cashew workers and their jobs. Acting as the apex body in the cooperative sector, CAPEX plays a crucial role in the upliftment and welfare of its thousands of workers and employees. CAPEX is always committed to providing proper wages and benefits to its workers, who are working in a satisfying environment, while also paying attention to increasing working days. Capex is very cautious about selling delicious cashew products to the public without compromising on quality, despite the competition in the market. Capex is being prioritized to increase productivity by implementing modernization without losing jobs in all factories while still continuing the traditional cashew roasting method. The key to Capex's success is the ability of the administration team, the staff, and the dedicated workers, who have always been sincere, are able to effectively implement prudent decisions while maintaining their efficiency. Each and every worker at CAPEX takes pride in achieving the goals of constant work, more production, and more profit.