CAPEX-Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co- Operative Society Ltd. is an apex society formed to procure raw cashew nuts, distribute the same to the 10 factories and get it processed and retrieve the kernels in different grades and  market them through tenders. All these are done to provide continuous employment to the workers who were thrown out of their job at the time of taking over. It is established in 1984 through the take over of 10 factories from private companies. The employees strength of the 10 factories is above 4000. 
More than 90 % of the workers were women and belongs to backward classes. CAPEX is the only largest Cashew Processing Unit in the Co-Opertive Sector under Industrial Department, Govt of Kerala. After the establishment of KCB Ltd, as per the instructions CAPEX started to procure raw cashew nuts from them. CAPEX has a capacity to process 10000 MT of Raw Cashew nuts per annum.