Latest News : CAPEX has invited competetive tenders from licensed contractors for the works to be done in Eruva and Chathinamkulam factories     CAPEX has invited quotations for the purchase of 6 KVA UPS system under buyback scheme.       
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  E-tenders are invited for purchase and installation of CCTV at Capex HO & Factories  
  please click on tender in main page for detailed specification
  e-tender for construction of new semi permanent factory at Capex Perumpuzha  


Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. P B No. 262,

Industrial Development Plot,

H & C compound, Mundakkal West, Kollam

E-Government Procurement (e-GP)


Ref.No: CAPEX/G2/e-tender/Civil/2017-18/01

Dated:  07.10.2017


The Managing Director, CAPEX, Kollam, Kerala invites online bids from the Pre-qualified Bidders of PWD for the following works.


1.         Tender ID:



2.         Name of work


Construction of  New Semi Permanent  factory Building  at CAPEX Factory, Perumpuzha.

3.         Estimate Amount


Rs. 1.08,62,508/-

4.         Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)


Rs.  50,000/-

5.         Tender Submission Fee


Rs. 5,600/- (Rs 5000/- + 12% GST 600/-)

6.         Period of completion


4 months

7.         Classification of Bidder


A Class

8.         Tender documents


Can be downloaded from e-GP Website www.

9.         Tender Publishing date & Document download start date


09.10.2017 – 2 pm

10.     Online bid submission start date


09.10.2017 – 2.30 pm

11.     Online bid submission closing date


24.10.2017 – 5 pm

12.          Last date and time of Receipt of relevant document as mentioned in (NIT) by speed post/ courier


After 5 pm on 24.10.17 and before 10.30 am on28.10.17

13.     Date and Time of opening of online Tender/ bid


28.10.2017 – 10.30 am


  Tender documents and tender schedule may be downloaded free of cost from the e-GP website and upload the tender  documents and tender schedule (BOQ) on or before the date and time specified in the website. A bid submission fee as given above and EMD shall be remitted through online.  Bids with EMD status “Success” only will be treated as valid tenders.

All bid/tender documents are to be submitted online on the e-GP website. Tenders/ bids shall be accepted only through online mode on the e-GP website and no manual submission of the same shall be entertained. Late tenders will not be accepted.

The attested copies of registration certificate, Concession certificates (if any) must be duly attested by a gazetted officer of government departments and the same scanned and submitted online along with the bid document. The scanned copy of the Preliminary Agreement in Kerala stamp paper worth Rs. 200/- duly filled and signed by the bidder shall also be submitted online. In case of labour contract societies attested copies of all documents in proof of eligibility in participation in tender as per the prevailing government orders shall be scanned and submitted online. Each of the scanned copy as mentioned above shall be of minimum A4 size. Any alteration of tender documents that downloaded from the e-tenders site other than filling up relevant fields shall be summarily rejected.

               The hard copies of original Preliminary Agreement in Kerala stamp paper worth Rs.200/-- duly filled and signed by the bidder, affidavit, proof of online remittance of bid submission fee and earnest money deposit and attested copy of valid registration certificate shall be submitted in a separate cover super scribing the name of work shall be sent to the tender inviting authority after the bid submission closing date and before tender opening date by speed post/courier or by hand. More details on EMD & Cost of Tender documents/bid submission fee are mentioned in the Tender document. The bids shall be opened online at the office of the Managing Director, Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. P B No. 262, Industrial Development Plot, H & C compound, Mundakkal West, Kollam, Kerala, on 28.10.2017 at 10.30 am by the Managing Director, CAPEX, Kollam, or the person authorized by him, in the presence of the Bidders or their authorized representatives who are present at the time and venue. If the tender opening date happens to be on a holiday or non-working day due to any other valid reason, the tender opening process will be done on the next working day at same time and place.

Tenders received online and the original as above received by post, without the necessary documents mentioned above will not be considered and shall be summarily rejected. Further details can be had from the NIT or Office of the Managing Director, Kerala  State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. P B No. 262, Industrial Development Plot, H & C compound, Mundakkal West, Kollam during working hours.

The firm period of the tenders shall be 60 days.        

The bidder is advised to submit the bids well before the stipulated date & time to avoid any kind of network issues, traffic congestion, etc. In this regard, the department shall not be responsible for any kind of such issues faced by bidder. All other existing conditions related to the tenders of CAPEX will be applicable in this tender also.




Managing Director,

CAPEX,  P B No. 262,

Industrial Development Plot, H & C compound, Mundakkal West, Kollam

  Short-Retender Notice for the Construction of damaged compound wall in eravipuram  

w/Ims¸Ivkv/Pn2/2017                                                              Date: 09-10-2017



                 Short-Retender Notice

    Ims¸-Ivknsâ -C-c-hn-]pcw ^mIvS-dn-bn Construction of damaged compound wall ]Wn-bp-¶-Xnv  tIm¬-{Sm-IvSÀam-cn ¶pw aÕ-c-kz-`m-h-apÅ ZÀLm-kp-IÄ £Wn-¨p-sIm-Åp-¶p.  -kÀ¡m-cn-sâbpw s]mXp-a-cm-a¯v hIp-¸n-sâbpw ZÀLmkv kw_-Ô-amb FÃmw b-a-§fpw sS³U-dn _m[-I-am-bn-cn-¡pw.

Factory                 Work                                                      Estimate                             Cost of Tender Schedule

Eravipuram        Construction of damaged                     Rs.1, 41,870.80                   Rs.500   + GST-12%

                            Compound wall



AS-¦Â XpI-bpsS 2.5 % c-X-{Zhyw AS¨v ZÀLmkv sltUm-^okn  ÂtI­-Xm-Wv.

-ZÀLmkv hnX-cWw sN¿p¶ XobXn -20-10-2017 to 24-10-2017

ZÀLmkv kzoI-cn-¡p¶ XobXn  30-10-2017 up to 11.30 am

ZÀLmkv Xpd-¡p¶ XobXn 30-10-2017 at 12.00Pm

amt-PnwKv Ub-d-IvSÀ

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